Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum

  • 1937 Cord Car Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum Photo by Glen Green — 8369-73wtmk_med
  • 1937 Phaeton Ornament by Glen Green — 8163-67rtwtmk
  • Chevrolet Bel Air car 1957 photo by Glen Green — 7873-77rtwtmk
  • Cord car headlight 1931 — 8233-37rtwtmk
  • 1933 Model T Checker Taxi Cab from the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum by Glen Green —8019-23rtmedwtmk
  • 1935 Red Auburn Phaeton, Hood Ornament, Grill, Headlight by Glen Green — 8410-14medwtmk


I’ve really never been much of a, ‘car guy’. – I tend to just see vehicles as a means of transportation. And so, when I visited Indiana’s Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum, I was utterly amazed by these fantastic cars which are really more akin to sculptures. On my fist visi I didn’t have all of the gear I wanted, so I actually visited a second time and tool photos for four hours – all the while thinking of the line from Rupert Brooke’s poem, “The Great Lover“, which reads, “These I have loved… Unpassioned beauty of a great machine”.